X-Key Gallery Update 2

7.16.2015 | Today features a set of three images on the gallery. We are still working on pages for Rebellion 3 and will post them as soon as they are done. Be sure to check out our social media (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram)!

X-Key Gallery Update 1

7.1.2015 | Hello everyone! This is a small update to let everyone know what is going on at Team X and where we are headed. There has been a pause in the daily page release for X-Key while we make some major plans for the future of the project. Today's update is a small one in our gallery, but we will be announcing our plans for the summer and fall very soon as well as resuming with the daily page release of Rebellion 3.

Rebellion Issue 3 Update

6.18.2015 | Hello everyone! This is a small update to let everyone know what is going on at Team X and where we are headed. There has been a pause in the daily page release for X-Key while we make some major plans for the future of the project. Today's update is a small one in our gallery, but we will be announcing our plans for the summer and fall very soon as well as resuming with the daily page release of Rebellion 3.

Rebellion Issue 3 Pages 1-4

6.5.2015 | Hello everyone! This week we began our posting of X-Key: Rebellion Issue 3! Pages 1 - 4 have been posted to the website and you can read them all here. We hope you enjoy all of the pages we have posted so far! Keep coming back next week starting Monday to continue reading Rebellion!

Rebellion Starts

Today marks the beginning of something different for visitors of highoctanerevolution.com. As mentioned in an earlier post, starting today we are switching to a daily update format for issues of our web comic "Rebellion". Each day of the week we will share a new page of the comic. So you can follow along daily, or wait until the end of an issue's run to check out the story.

We will also post a weekly recap on our Tumblr and Facebook pages. Today's image is the cover of Rebellion 03, which features X-Key wearing a special mask and camouflage. I also want to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who has sent us messages via social media, words of support and fan art. I do not always get the chance to personally respond to every message so I just want to say thank you for your support of X-Key and Team X. I hope you enjoy the coming releases for "Rebellion" and "Days on Edge"! -JC

Read Rebellion

Miles Profile Update

5.28.2015 | This week we have an update to the Characters page. Miles, X-Key's young friend and partner, has a profile on the Characters page. We will keep more information about the world and characters of X-Key coming in the future. Be sure to check back in with us next week.

Read More About Miles

Rebellion 3 Announcement

5.22.2015 | Today's update features some new additions to the gallery as well as an announcement. We will be changing the method in which we release the issues of X-Key: Rebellion and subsequently Days on Edge. Upon releasing the first initial pages of Rebellion Issue 3 we will be releasing the rest of the comic on a daily page-by-page basis. This means during the window of release for a particular issue there will be daily updates to the website. This is a big change from our previous method of release. Starting June 1st we will have the first page of Rebellion 3 available to read. We believe that this will be a more engaging and exciting method of constant X-Key updates and material. Keep coming back for more updates and material.

High Octane Overhaul

5.13.2015 | The High Octane Revolution website has received an overhaul! We hope you enjoy the new design of the website! Work on Rebellion Issue #3 is well under way and we are excited share it with you when it is complete. Keep checking back here for more updates to the website and follow us on all of our social media (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram). Thank you!

C2E2 Wrap-Up

4.30.2015 | Last weekend's C2E2 2015 was a wonderful experience for us! We would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth. We hope you enjoy the promotional gifts we handed out, and hearing a bit more about X-Key. All of the fan support and positive reactions to X-Key is truly inspiring. Thank you again for making C2E2 special for us. Be sure to keep coming back for more of the High Octane Revolution!

C2E2 Day 1

C2E2 Day 1

4.24.2015 | We are excited for the start of C2E2. We have plenty of X-Key related items to feature at our booth, and we hope you stop by to take a photo with our amazing life-sized standouts and learn more about X-Key! We have other giveaways at Booth #1184 and a special X-Key bag to take with you! We also have an updated comic-viewer for the website so you can enjoy reading X-Key's adventures much more smoothly! You can view issues 1 and 2 of Rebellion here or by clicking on the 'Comic' link on the navigation bar above. Thanks again for stopping by and stay-tuned to our social media Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram, for photos and posts from the show floor!

C2E2 Countdown

4.10.2015 | Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo is just two weeks away! We hope you are excited and ready to attend! Follow us on Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter for daily updates about the X-Key and C2E2 2015. If you want to purchase tickets to the convention you can go here. We will be at Booth Number 1184! Stop by and see X-Key! Looking forward to seeing you there!

Social Media Update

4.1.2015 | Hello everyone! We have recently reached 2000 followers on Instagram! We are grateful to everyone who follows us on our social media platforms. We posted a celebratory illustration over on our Instagram page. Enjoy!

C2E2 Booth Item Preview Week 2

3.23.2015 | This is our second week of C2E2 Previews! Coming up this week we have another booth item to reveal and a big announcement regarding our update schedule and Rebellion. Keep checking back on www.highoctanerevolution.com this week for more.

C2E2 Booth Item Preview & Gallery Update

3.19.2015 | We have two updates combined into one for you this week! First, we have a preview of one of the booth items that will be at our C2E2 booth. This image will be available at C2E2 for people who visit our booth. Take it with you and make sure to get it signed by our Lead Artist. Our next updates comes to the gallery. Several image sets have been added for your enjoyment! We hope you are as excited for C2E2 as us and keep checking back for more updates!

C2E2 Booth Preview Week 1

3.16.2015 | Hello everyone! This week we will have some previews of some of the items coming to our booth at C2E2 2015! We are very excited to share what we have with all of you, so we decided that a small preview is a good idea. Keep coming back this week for previews of booth items!

Gallery Update

3.4.2015 | We have added some new images to the gallery. We hope you enjoy them and look forward to more addtions coming soon.

Social Media Update + C2E2 Attendance Anouncement

2.26.2015 | If you have not been following us on any of our social media networks there is no time like the present. Artwork and announcements featuring X-Key are frequently posted. We just passed 500 followers on Tumblr and 1300 followers on Instagram! Thank you to everyone who has followed us so far! Team X is excited to announce that we will be exhibitors at C2E2 in Chicago! The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo is April 24 - 26th. Come out and visit us at Booth 1184 for cool giveaways. New to X-Key? Read the first and second issue of our comic series X-Key: Rebellion.

Rebellion 02 Goes Live

1.5.2015 | Happy New Year everyone! We hope that you all have had a great holiday season and are having a great start to 2015. Team X is excited to announce that the second issue of our comic series X-Key: Rebellion has gone live. Rebellion 02 is available for free just like the first issue. Please read, enjoy, and share it on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and any other social media platform. Thanks again for visiting our site and we will have more updates, including our early 2015 schedule!

Happy Holidays from Team X

12.29.2014 | Team X wants to wish all of you a very Happy Holidays and New Year! We are hard at work for new material for 2015 and cannot wait to share it with you. Prepare for some awesome announcements in January. Thanks again to all of our fans and be sure to follow us on here or by clicking on the 'Comic' link on the navigation bar above. Thanks again for stopping by and stay-tuned to our social media Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram!

Director Walkthrough of X-Key: Our Voices Are One Trailer

11.3.2014 | A new YouTube video is up on our channel. We have director and lead artist, Jonathan Chatonda giving us commentary on the X-Key: Our Voices Are One Trailer. Get even more insight into our process and see how we developed the trailer from start to finish. Subscribe to our channel if you enjoy the video or any of the other videos. Thanks for viewing!

NBPC Interview w/ Jonathan Chatonda

10.27.2014 | National Black Programming Consortium just published an interview with director Jonathan Chatonda. Jonathan gives great details about the beginning of X-Key, animation, and Team X's goals. Check out the article and share it around!

Kickstarter Update #6 and YouTube channel

10.27.2014 | YouTube channel for Team X created! Check out our channel and subscribe for all of our upcoming video updates. There is also a new update on our Kickstarter page. Lots of things coming this week. Later today we will announce the rules of our Social Media Sketch Giveaway 2! Stay tuned to our social media channels!

Kickstarter Update #5: Story

10.24.2014 | Our Kickstarter page has been updated with a post about the character and story behind X-Key. Our director and producer sound off on some of the key elements that makes X-Key such a dynamic character and fantastic story. Be sure to check out the update, comment, and like! Thanks for visiting!

X-Key: Rebellion Issue #3 Reveal

10.24.2014 | Our Lead Artist just posted a sneak peek of the cover of issue #3 of X-Key: Rebellion on Tumblr and Instagram! Be sure to check it out, leave comments, and like the post! And if you have not done so, please take a look at our Kickstarter page! Less than three weeks to go but we can do this with your help!

Kickstarter Update #4

10.17.2014 | Our newest Kickstarter Update has been posted on the campaign page. We've reached the $5,000 mark and have a much bigger update planned for early next week. Please be sure to stop by our Kickstarter page, share it with friends and family, and follow us on social media. Thank you for your support and visiting!

New York Comic-Con Tumblr Gallery

10.16.2014 | New York Comic-Con is over! We have posted a gallery of photos from our time at the convention on our Tumblr. Please enjoy pictures of fans and us staffing the booth. It was a fun time that was also a lot of hard work! Thank all of you who came to visit our booth during the convention! Also remember to share our Kickstarter campaign with friends and family. Thank you for visiting and keep coming back!

Comic-Con Update

10.12.2014 | New York Comic-Con is on its last day! We have been hard at work at Booth 870 trying to spread the word about X-Key. Our Kickstarter campaign is live right now! If you have not seen the video, please take a look at it and support us. Even 1 dollar is important to our momentum. Share the project with your friends, family, and anyone else who likes animation. Click on anyone of the images, logos, or links that say "Kickstarter" or "Check Out Our Kickstarter" to view the video and the campaign. Thank you!

Sketch Saturday / Weekly Update News

10.04.2014 | Another Sketch Saturday is upon us and we have something special for you. This week we are turning back the clock and looking at some of the earliest groundwork for X-Key. The images are on our Tumblr page and the gallery. Enjoy! New York Comic-Con is almost here! Come by Booth 870 and visit us if you are attending the convention. We will have special giveaways to the first visitors to our booth! Don't miss the amazing items we have available!

Weekly Update News

9.28.2014 | We have been very busy preparing our New York Comic-Con presentation. Today, we updated the gallery with a few images that we will be using for our booth at NYCC. If you are attending New York Comic-Con then please stop by booth 870 and visit us!

Weekly Update News

9.9.2014 | This week our update includes the new and improved version of highoctanerevolution.com. This version of our website has been optimized for multiple screen formats. We’ve also added a profile for the character Lilith, as well as an update to the Story area. The website now features a gallery for sketches and illustrations. One final note concerns Issue #2 of Rebellion. Due to changes in our schedule and updates to the site we had to push the release of Rebellion 2 back an extra week. The issue will be available for viewing before the week’s end. Thanks for your patience and please enjoy the new website!

Weekly Update News

9.2.2014 | Team X is working diligently on the next issue of Rebellion. Due to our efforts being focused on providing the best quality of comic possible, we will be moving the Weekly Update back to Friday, September 05, 2014. Thanks for visiting and be sure to keep coming back for all of the X-Key related news and updates!

Sketch Saturday

8.30.2014 | Hey guys! It is Saturday and we have a new batch of sketches. There has actually been quite a bit between this week and last week. So I thought that this week we would keep it to a single post. We noticed the previous uploads came out a bit light for those who were using mobile phones and certain types of monitors. In light of that, we darkened these for easier viewing. We will also be replacing the images on the previous post with darker versions. As with the previous post, you can read the notes in the captions. Well, that's all for today, thanks for visiting and check next week for Rebellion issue 02.

Weekly Update News

8.26.2014 | We have a little bit of news and artwork for our weekly update. We will be moving our second issue of Rebellion back one week. Thank you for your patience and we hope you'll join us next week. We will also debut a new layout and theme for the website when we launch issue 2. Finally, we're posting the sketches of everyone who liked and commented on last week's post. We hope you enjoy the artwork. Please check back with us for future updates and information about X-Key!

Sketch Saturday

8.23.2014 | Today is the very first of our Sketch Saturdays! Every Satruday we will be posting sketches from various parts of Project X-Key. Most of it will be groundwork with commentary from our lead artist. This is our way of giving you a behind the scenes look at how X-Key is made and a sneak peak at some things we have planned for the future. The sketches for Sketch Saturday can be found on our Tumblr page. Enjoy!

Weekly Update News

8.20.2014 | The first order of business this week is to let everyone know that the second issue of Rebellion will be available on our website next Friday, August 29th. I also wanted to share some artwork this week of another character in the X-Key world named Lilith. Lililth's story entitled Days on Edge follows her through the brutal wastelands of the future. This story will be available on after Rebellion completes its run. Even though it's going to be a while, I really enjoy drawing this character and I thought I'd give you all an early sneak peek. You can see the images of Lilith on our Tumblr page.

Also, in celebration of our launch of X-Key: Rebellion we have a special promotion for everyone. Want to see a drawing of yourself in the style of X-Key? Just like Team X Visual's facebook page and reply to the message and you can get a hand drawn sketch of yourself in the world of 2335 done by our lead artist. (This will be limited to the first 30 replies to the message) Well... that's all for today's update. See you next time.

Tuesday Update Delayed

8.19.2014 | Due to an injury to our lead artist, we will be moving today's update to tomorrow (Wednesday, August 20, 2014). The update will contain new artwork, some updates to the website and the release date of the next part of Rebellion. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook for all Team X Visual updates!

Tuesday Update

8.12.2014 | The first issue of our introduction to X-Key entitled: Rebellion is available for viewing on the Official X-Key Website right now! We had a couple of delays for various reasons, and we would like to thank everyone for their patience. We will be announcing the release date of the next issue fairly soon. Rebellion is a multi-part series so please be sure to check back regularly for future releases. We are truly excited to share this first look into the world of X-Key.

Tuesday Update

8.05.2014 | Hey guys! We are dropping by our Tuesday update along with a little news. New images have been added to the Tumblr that showcase characters from our upcoming comic. The images that were previously added have also been updated with additional details. The Characters page on the website has been activated with the profile for X-Key. The release date for the comic has also been moved to Friday (as mentioned on a previous post) and the story information will also be updated then as well. Thanks for stopping by and we hope you enjoy the new content. Come back on Friday for Part One of X-Key: Rebellion.

Weekly Update News

8.04.2014 | Team X is hard at work prepping this week's updates. I just wanted to drop by and let you know about our schedule for this week. Tomorrow will be our scheduled weekly update. This week we will be dropping off a few new pieces of artwork to our tumblr as well as updating certain sections of the website. Due to schedule changes on our end, we've decided to change the release date of the comic to Friday, August 8th, 2014. Future updates for the comic will also be handled on Fridays from this point forward. We hope you continue to look forward to our work and please check back for more updates.

Twitter and Tumblr are Live

7.30.2014 | The social media links at the top of the website are now live! We will be posting additional content on all of these venues. If you enjoy our content, make sure to follow us on Twitter, Tumblr and like us on facebook!

Launch, Comic, and Kickstarter Announcement

7.29.2014 | Our first comic special titled "X-Key: Rebellion", will be posted here starting next week. This comic will be a multi-part story that introduces the world of X-Key. What's even better is that you can check it out at this site completely free! For today's update We've included a three page preview (black and white line art, the final version will be full color) as well as the cover art for this story. The next order of business is letting everyone know about our upcoming animation project entitled "X-Key: Our Voices Are One", a project Team X has been working on for a considerable amount of time. This animated short film will follow another of X-Key's adventures in the deserted wastelands of the future, and Team X will be enlisting your help to get this story done. Soon we will be launching our upcoming Kicksarter campaign, and we hope to be able to share an incredibly special X-Key story with you.

New York Comic-Con Exhibitors

7.29.2014 | One final thing of note is that Team X will be appearing at this year's New York City Comic-Con to promote X-Key and share our artwork and story with comic fans around the world. We are looking forward to all of these things so please come and check us out again in the future for more info.